Frequently Asked Questions

The following is the Gregory’s Academy guide that will answer the most commonly asked questions.


Included in your membership with Gregory’s Academy:

– Access to the learning platform for 26 months from starting date

– 230 on-line video lessons in:

  • Easy Piano
  • I play piano 1
  • I play piano 2
  • I play piano 3
  • Piano Piano
  • Piano Piano 2
  • I play piano kids
  • I’m in the chorus
  • I play guitar
  • I play guitar 2

– 75 on-line video lessons in:

  • musIQ 101

– 30 bonus capsules with complementary material (with the exception of musIQ 101)

– Virtual meetings where you can ask your written questions directly to Gregory

– Sheet music or didactical material

– A concert with Gregory at the end of the session (with the exception of musIQ 101 and I’m in the chorus)

– A recording session with Gregory at the end of the session for the course I’m in the chorus

– 12 videos to maintain your new skills during summer (with the exception of musIQ 101)

– Access our e-learning platform and all its content for an additional 18 months



May I join a group after the registration date deadline?

Unfortunately, no, you will have to wait for the next group.

Can I register for several courses?




The day before the start of your class, you will receive a reminder email with the link to access the online Academy course platform, which you will be able to access with your username and password created during your registration.

Appointments Online

Courses will begin on the date indicated and you can watch the capsules directly on the platform.

Repeat, practice and learn

The course has been conceptualized to provide you with an intuitive music learning experience. Do the exercises suggested by Gregory every day. Practice, rehearse, and be patient with yourself!

Progress each week with Gregory

The course does not only include pre-recorded capsules. Gregory holds virtual meetings many times a week to answer your questions live.

Will I receive a video capsule by email?

No, the video capsule will be accessible via the Academy Gregory website. They will appear on fixed dates on the platform according to the course calendar and will remain there for the duration of your course.

Can I do several lessons in the same day?

It is possible to do as many lessons per day as you want, if the capsule is available online.

Can I save video capsules on my computer?

No, the capsules are not downloadable.

How long will I have access to the platform and lessons?

You will have access for the duration of the course followed by an additional 18 months.

What happens if I am absent for several days/weeks?

You can go back at any time to view missed capsules upon your return.

What happens if I move to another city / country? Can I continue the lessons?

Lessons are accessible anywhere in the world, provided you have access to the Internet.

How will the virtual meetings take place?

A link will be posted on the platform. From there, you will be able to access the virtual meeting. During this meeting, you will be able to put your questions in writing to Gregory and he will answer you live.

When will the virtual meetings take place?

As these meetings will not always take place at the same time, the schedule will be communicated to you in advance on the platform.

If I am not available at the virtual meeting, will I be able to watch it later?

Yes, these meetings will be recorded and broadcast on the platform in the following days.

At the end of the program, will I do a single concert on the stage with Gregory?

You will be in concert with Gregory, but you will not be alone. You will be with other students from your group (with the exception of musIQ 101).

Am I obligated to participate in the concert?

No, you can participate in the concert only if you feel like it.

When and where will the concert take place?

The details of the concert will be communicated to you during the session.


Why a 10-minute lesson per day?

The classic method offers a long session once a week, while Gregory’s method promotes frequent, brief and effective practices. The advantage of this method is the greater ability to integrate complex concepts for the student.

What is special about the proposed course?

This course aims to free students from music scores. The teaching method is geared toward an intuitive music learning experience to allow the student to really integrate the concepts learned over the long term.


I have never played a musical instrument, can I register?

Yes, this course is specially designed for people who never played an instrument. If you have already taken classes several years ago, this course is also for you.

I cannot read music; will I be able to follow the lessons anyway?


Do I need an instrument for “I play piano” and “I play guitar”?

Yes. For “I am a pianist” you will need a keyboard or acoustic piano with a minimum of 76 keys. For the “I am a guitarist”, you will need an acoustic, electric, or classic guitar. However, a 12-string guitar, ukulele and banjo are not suitable for this kind of lesson.

Is there a minimum age for the course?

For “I’m a guitarist”, you must be big enough to hold the instrument properly in your hands!

What hardware is required?

You will need a computer, tablet or smart device capable of accessing the internet. You absolutely need an internet access. Note, for Apple products, you must have a version greater than 9.3.5.

I am not very comfortable with technology. Can I register anyway?

The platform is simple and easy to use. We recommend that you read the “Student Guide”, as you will find several tips on how to navigate on the platform. If you have technical problems or questions, you can write directly to the following address:


What are the available payment methods?

You can pay by credit card or cheque.

Which credit cards are accepted?

Visa and MasterCard

What payment terms are available?

You can choose to pay in two equal instalments or eight monthly instalments Except for musIQ 101).

What should I do if I want to pay by cheque?

You must send us your cheque with your full contact details (surname, first name, postal address, telephone number and e-mail address).

The cheque must be made out to the order of: Les Productions Gregory Inc. and sent to the following address, to the attention of the courses you are enrolled in, for example:


“I play piano, Group X”

1260 rue Mill, bureau 100 Montréal (Québec)

H3K 2B4


The subscription will be confirmed as soon as the cheque is cashed. Your cheque must be sent 2 weeks prior to registration closing date.


If the course does not meet my expectations, may I cancel?

Yes, you may cancel at any time. Once your cancellation is processed by the Academy team, you will receive a confirmation and your refund. You will be refunded directly on the credit card registered in your file.

How is the refund calculated?

You will be reimbursed for the number of days between the date we received your cancellation request and the end of the period you paid for.

If I leave the Academy, can I keep the completed lessons up to the date of my leaving?

No, when you leave the Academy, you lose your access to the platform and all its content.

NOTA BENE: The use of the masculine gender has been adopted to facilitate reading and has no discriminatory intention.

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